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No Hidden Costs

Unlike most of our competitors, we INCLUDE ANY SET-UP AND DELIVERY COSTS in the price shown unless stated. Prices exclude VAT where applicable.


Products marked TOP SELLER are recommended. They have been price-checked and discounted by us. Everything else is from a directory of hundreds of specialist factories. Some of this raw data is inaccurate or out of date. On the other hand, we always discount the list price. So please request a quote. You should find our prices highly competitive but if you forward us a cheaper like-for-like quote or web-link we will do our best to beat it.

Instant Quotes

You can order directly from this site or request an instant PDF quotation be emailed to you automatically.


Artwork requirements vary from product to product. If you have print-ready files there is normally no charge for proofing. If you are unsure whether your files are suitable, feel free to send them to us to check over at no charge. 

We also offer a full graphic design service charged at the low rate of 45p per minute (= £27.00 per hour) + VAT

Online Order System

You can order products through this website and pay for any invoices online as well as view all order history and download previously used artwork.


Lead times specified are estimated full working days (Mon-Fri) from proof approval and may depend on stock levels, order size, workload, print details etc. If you have a fixed or tight deadline let us know and we will advise on what can be achieved. In case of delays, please give as much notice as you can.

Expert Consultants

Too much choice? Don't panic! We are a proper printing company with highly experienced designers and printers just a phone call or email away who will be delighted to advise you.

If it Moves - Print it!

If it Moves - Print it!

We have been supplying branded merchandise since 1991 and can source thousands, if not millions, of different products. This website contains a selection of items we produce in-house or source from our trade suppliers in the UK and abroad. If you don't see what you are looking for here we can probably still get it. Just ask!

We pride ourselves with

Great Customer service

Whatever your needs, we will be there with you every step of the way

Why Promotional Products and Printing?

Every business and institution needs to communicate and promote itself effectively in order to survive and thrive. You can spend an awful lot of money advertising and marketing and I’m afraid most of it will be wasted. In or modern era, it seems we are bombarded with advertising pretty much every waking moment. How can our promotional message cut through the advertising fog? The answer is promotional goods and printing from Promotional Gods, Lancaster.

Brand Awareness

Unless you are a household name, you have something of an uphill battle in keeping your message in front of people. Our Lancaster printing service can help with this. If it Moves – Print it! We will plaster your name, logo or message all over the place. We’ll embroider it on your staff uniforms, we’ll repeat it on your printed lanyards, we’ll emblazon it on your custom signs, we’ll vinyl cut it for your vehicle graphics. We’ll engrave it on key fobs and print it on face masks and whatever else you throw at us.

The most popular advertising gifts UK at the moment are printed pens which apparently are more powerful than swords, although I know which I would prefer to take to a knife fight. If that makes you anxious, anti-stress toys, are proving popular and available in a multitude of custom stress shapes and themes. Just one example of how promotional products but your brand right in your customer’s hand.

How’s this for an example of cost-effective advertising using promotional goods Lancaster - If you ordered 1000 printed sticky note pads from us, that would result in 50,000 separate little full colour adverts dotted around the place over a long period of time, at a cost of about 1p each.

Don’t get forgotten

People’s memories for bad service are far stronger than their memories for good service. It is a well- documented but seldom-realised psychological human condition that the power of bad is far stronger than the power of good. Part of that is that if you have a good experience you forget it much more quickly than if you have a bad experience. For example, how many people would you tell about your bad experience with a tradesman or restaurant compared to a good experience? Sending or leaving a promotional gift will show your gratitude and help your existing customers remember you. People seldom throw away branded merchandise especially if it is useful promotional item such as a promotional tool such as a personalised tape measure or printed ruler or maybe a handy promotional gadget like a custom phone stand or a printed USB pen drive. People love receiving promotional freebies, especially when it is unexpected and they will love you all the more for it.

Say thank you

There are people without whose loyalty your business or institution would cease to function properly or even exist. These may be your customers, staff, suppliers, members, subscribers, friends or collaborators. We don’t know who these people are but you do and you need to keep them on side. Let’s face it, you owe them everything. Branded gifts for your clients can be far cheaper and effective than a cash discount. Promotional gifts will improve their overall customer experience and increase customer loyalty. Likewise, promotional incentives are worth considering for your staff. Suitable corporate gifts can be far more effective than an equivalent cash bonus.

A cash discount or bonus will be forgotten very quickly but a nice printed or engraved promotional gift endures. Of course, branded incentives have the massive advantage of doubling up as advertising merchandise and you are likely to be marketing to a wider audience than just the recipient. The branding on printed bags, printed travel mugs and branded water bottles will be seen wherever they are taken.


A lot of the personalised products that we supply are for re-sale. Printed merchandise UK and around the world is a massive industry and when done correctly you can make a lot of money from printed products and branded merchandise. Perhaps you have your own designs or artwork to sell? As well as selling postcards and art prints or canvas prints, we can immortalise your designs effectively onto printed mugs, printed tea towels, custom canvas bags, printed T-shirts, personalised hoodies etc. Clubs, colleges and universities, bands & other groups can capitalise on this effectively. Members are always clamouring for the latest promotional item to show their support and allegiance. Compared to when we started printing in Lancaster back in 1991, there is so much in the way of promotional products UK that we can supply in order to promote your brand that you are only really limited by your own imagination.


Charities can capitalise from our UK printing for their campaigns. Your Lancaster printers can supply cheap lapel stickers, printed balloons along with ever popular printed button badges for kids or attractive pin badges and useful trolley coins for adults. All great cheap promotional giveaways to swap for small donations. However, it is the slightly higher value items such as printed charity T- shirts and other branded clothing for events or campaigns, embossed notebooks perhaps, engraved pens, personalised calendars and diaries and other more executive gifts that can really generate funds for your charity, school or other good (or bad!) cause.


Ever since we were hairy cavemen (some of us still are!), we have been using images to relay information to others. Now we use printed leaflets and all manner of glossy full colour brochures. Our printed flyers and business cards provide a summary. Our books and booklets explain the detail and tell the story. Our full colour printing - printed posters, exhibition displays and roller banner stands can inform your audience indoors whilst our feather flags, printed sign boards and printed banners shout your message in a big way outside. We use digital printing for short runs, litho printing for long runs and various types of large format printing, whatever it takes to get your message across. Information is power – let us print your information and make you powerful.


Sometimes we are not advertising ourselves but informing others. We regularly produce all manner of functional paper labels and vinyl stickers. Perhaps you need change of address labels , directional signage or safety signs for your premises or social distancing floor stickers. As well as printed vinyl stickers, we supply Foamex boards, Correx boards & Dibond boards – all of which can be personalised with your design.


It is a competitive world out there. If you have been to a trade show, exhibition or conference you will have no doubt seen that your competitors are distributing all manner of promotional giveaways under the sun. Conference goodie bags are full of printed giveaways from ever popular promotional pens and promotional keychains to promotional water bottles and surprisingly popular promotional sunglasses. Don’t get left behind. You are the best – you know it and we know it so why not prove it with the best promotional products UK from the divine Promotional Gods, Lancaster.



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