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Printed Promotional Lanyards

Perhaps the first thing to say about our promotional lanyards is that, in term of budgeting, the cheapest printed lanyards are sourced from China on a 4 week lead time. Plus you need to add 2 weeks if it coincides with Chinese New Year because all the Far East lanyard factories close to celebrate! This is probably the biggest cost factor when ordering your company lanyards. So pleased order your branded lanyards well in advance in order to get the best bargains!

We have produced thousands of printed lanyards for our clients especially those in the public sector. We produce school lanyards with the school logo on sometimes in different colours to distinguish different year groups. We have branded up a lot of university lanyards, whether it be freshers’ lanyards at the start of their journey or graduate lanyards at the end of their studies. NHS lanyards are also a big seller for hospitals, surgeries and clinics etc. Another big market is conference lanyards. In fact, anywhere where you need an identity badge these days, it will normally be accompanied by a neck lanyard and we can repeat your logo along the length of the lanyard for extra identification and security.


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Corporate lanyards can be used in conjunction with identity badges. These can be personalised from your spreadsheet of names, titles etc. and can have a different delegate photo printed on each.

A branded lanyard with card holder or flexible lanyard pouch is often required when visiting clients’ premises or homes. Our standard lanyard badge holder is a rigid card holder which is not only strong but also made from recycled plastic so it’s eco-friendly Lanyards too.

All the custom lanyards we supply are all lanyards with safety break so the promotional lanyard will come apart under tension to avoid strangulation if somebody grabs your identity badge or your
conference lanyard gets caught on something. Our printed lanyards are generally precision screen printed lanyards if the design is comprised of just one or two colours. These promotional lanyards come in any colour and can be dyed using pantone matching to suit your brand. They can also be printed in any pantone colour.

If your logo is full colour, we offer dye sublimated lanyards. These full colour lanyards look colourful and vibrant. They are lanyards with an all-over print. We generally do flat lanyards but if you prefer, we can supply tubular lanyards as some clients prefer tubular printed lanyards. For sustainability, there are a number of eco-friendly lanyards styles available. Try our printed cotton lanyards, recycled lanyards or perhaps if you do not own a panda, you could try our bamboo lanyards. There are also woven lanyards where, as the name suggests, your design is actually woven into the fabric.

Obviously, promo lanyards are long and thin so if you have a square or tall logo you should consider a wider lanyard in order for your logo to be legible within the print area of the product. Our standard lanyard widths are 10mm, 15mm & 20mm but if you want wider custom lanyards please let us know. The standard length is 900mm but again this can be adjusted. The standard attachment is a metal alloy trigger clip with which to hold your personalised ID card but other solutions are also available.

Promotional lanyards UK - If you don’t have the luxury of enough time to order printed lanyards from the China, you mustn’t panic because we can also more rapid turnaround options including express printed lanyards UK sourced. We also supply cheap plain lanyards in assorted colours in packs of 100 in case you just want unprinted lanyards UK fast turnaround.

Printed lanyards are also available from UK stock so if you can make do with generic STAFF lanyards for instance or perhaps EMPLOYEE lanyards. STUDENT lanyards are another variety and they all
include a safety break. Other options include VISITOR lanyards and VIP lanyards. Medical lanyards include NHS STAFF lanyards as well as pre-printed FIRST-AID lanyards. Generic VOLUNTEER lanyards can be also be purchased in packs of 100as can 15mm wide CONTRACTOR lanyards and the same for SECURITY lanyards.

A lot of our public sector clients order printed lanyards to go with name badge holders and name badges but other lanyard merchandise and accessories are also available assorted lanyard clips and rings, extra safety breaks, mobile phone attachments, USB attachments, ski pass holders or badge reels etc. Please just let us know your requirements.

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